PupeeTrainer toilet training spray has been specially formulated to encourage puppies to use a specific area. When used ceaselessly it can help reduce the time it takes to house train your puppy.

Spray PupeeTrainer in the area where you prefer to your puppy to ‘go’. Place them near the designated spot and the spray’s special scent will attract your puppy. You’ll also use use a chosen toilet command phrase to fortify and encourage them right through the house training process. Straight after they’ve peed or pooped praise them by saying “good boy/girl” in an appreciative tone. Repeat the training process ceaselessly to build up a routine and your puppy will have to turn out to be house trained very quickly at all.

1 x 150 ml PupeeTrainer Toilet Training spray.

✅ PUPEE TRAINER – Specially formulated to toilet train puppies to use a designated spot.
✅ EASY TO USE – Regular use of PupeeTrainer helps shorten house training time.
✅ NATURAL ATTRACTANT – PupeeTrainer’s unique and innovative scent uses natural oils to encourage your puppy to urinate in a chosen spot.
✅ FLEXIBLE – Use indoors with training pads and pet loos or outdoors to get your puppy familiar with urinating outside.
✅ WELLBEING – PupeeTrainer is a part of the HygieCatch family of pet health and care products.


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