✔ Practical: UV light is perfect for examining your dogs, cats and rodents for spots that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Easily track down scorpions or check banknotes, driver’s licenses, ID cards or passports for authenticity.
✔ The new LED lamps are more durable and have lower battery consumption. Lightweight, belted, easy to carry. The solid aluminum alloy body is suitable for outdoor activities and family use.
✔ Capture Larger Area With Brighter Light: This UV flashlight has 21 UV LEDs, which is 30% brighter than others. Covers a larger area without diminishing the light.
✔ 21 LED UV lamps; long lifetime. Only 1 light effect design in switch mode. Very suitable for scorpion tracking, currency checking, driver’s license, official identity card, passport.
✔ Clearly display small animals, pet urine, logs and food stains on the floor on the carpet or furniture. No more needing to crawl around and sniff the ground. No need to clean the whole carpet. UV vision can pinpoint the areas with ease.



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