CLEANS & DISINFECTS – stinky stuff for dogs – Gunky Itchy Ears Begone with Quistel’s Ear Drops for Dogs – these ear cleaner dog drops loosen and expel dirt while gently disinfecting the ear
PREVENTATIVE – Pop our ear mite treatment for dogs in your pups ears weekly to keep them clean and healthy. It is recommended for use in puppies over 4 months of age or earlier if the vet has examined the ear and checked that the ear drum is intact.
FAST ACTING – Penetrating even the hairiest and narrowest canals our dogs ear drops dispel mites yeast grime smells and irritation fast
SAFE FORMULA – Our canaural ear drops for dogs are a Victorian alcohol based formulation 69.93% which includes Gentian Violet 0.0014%
EASY TO USE – The handy squeezable 150ml sized bottle of our dog ear cleaning solution features a convenient applicator nozzle and cleans canine ears in a jiffy




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