UPGRADE QUMY BOOTS: Improved on the original QUMY boots (ASIN: B01LYITJ4S), the inner side of the shoes is sewed with anti-slip mats of pig leather materail, which can more effectively prevent the shoes from falling off and keep the shoes on the dog’s feet. And appropriately increased the height of the shoes. This can be more effective in preventing sand, rain and snow from entering the shoes, keeping the shoes clean and dry.
Size 5: 2.7″x2.2″(L*W) for 40-55 lbs; size 6: 2.9″x2.5″(L*W) for 52-65 lbs; size 7: 3.1″x2.7″(L*W) for 63-75 lbs; size 8: 3.3″x2.9″(L*W) for 74-88 lbs).
SECURE and ADJUSTABLE: Easy to put on / off. These dog shoes expands with a wide split seam opening and two adjustable and reflective straps to ensure a tight fit, also make your dog safe at night.
RUGGED: Tough anti-slip sole of dog boots provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.
QUALITY: The dog boots have a rugged sole and high quality fabrics that are then sewn together to ensure they are ready for your adventure. NOTE: Waterproof here refers to splash-proof water, cannot be immersed in water.


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