The Red Sea Reefer aquarium series offers the experienced aquarium enthusiast a solid basis for building a reef or saltwater aquarium.
The Reefer series combines a contemporary, frameless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with an elegant base cabinet and a comprehensive water management system, which contains a professional, refuge prepared technical basin with integrated automatic refill function, and the unique quiet overflow of Red Sea.
The Reefer series has been designed for easy handling, which allows the experienced aquarium enthusiast to choose from an unlimited variety of components, lighting, filtering, flow and control units to create their individual, unique system.
The Reefer Deluxe combines the ReefLED lighting unit with Red Sea’s special mounting system in a convenient package.
The heart of the system is a compact LED array, which provides non-slip Reef Spec light through a channel Reef Spec blue (23,000 Kelvin) which consists of an optimal combination of ultraviolet, violet and blue LEDs, as well as a white channel with 8,000 Kelvin.




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