Cat Tree for large cats Corner Coon Cream Beige is a very strong RHRQuality Cat Tree with 12cmØ sisal posts and all a cat can wish for.

New improved design from RHRQuality: Total new model 2018 with extra heavy and strong plush quality 600gr/m2 (40% Stronger) natural sisal full covered scratching posts. Sisal glued to the poles, Plush glued to all plates. Also cozy beautiful stitched pillow with Velcro.The new 2018 Hammock! A combination between a hammock and a pillow. The dream from every cat! Model 2018 from delivery 04-10-2018

Very easy way to go up, so also suitable for older cats. With a Large lying place of 60×49,5×11 (Soft thick pillow with velro included) and 2X turnable hammock with 45cmØ lying place. This hangingmat is tested till 23 KG so strongest available in the market.

The hammock is a complete new and Unique design. This can be a combination between a pillow and a hammock which is very soft. (See pictures)

With a large base plate (60x56x4 cm)

Also it is easy to achieve the top the use of the large stairs on the right.

All used sisal posts are 12cmØ full sisal

Also all cat tree parts will also be re ordered (Unique for all cat trees of RHRQuality)

Color: Cream Beige

Also To be had (You’ll be able to find them seperatly on Amazon):
– Light Grey
– Light Grey with black poles
– Brown
– Dark Grey with black poles
Taupe Grey

– Base Plate: 60 x 56 and 4 cm thick.
– Total hight: 151 cm.
– Weight : 48 kg.
– Sisal posts: 12cm diameter full sisal
– Hammocks : 2 x 45cmØ and tested till 23KG. (This hanging mat has a extra thickmetal ring, so strongest available in the market)
– A Large lying place on top of 60×49.5×11 (Pillow of 5cm thick included. Velco on the plate, see pictures)

This Cat Tree is designed in Holland. High Quality production from RHRQuality. The top brand in large cat trees

All poles with full natural sisal Ø12cm. Total 48KG Quality cat tree. Real heavy 600 gr thick Plush which is gluwed on al plates. Most durable method for long use.
Hammocks 45cmØ Extreme (With a extra thick metal ring, the strongest available in the market. Can carry up to 20kg). Unique is that all hammocks are a combination between a pillow and a hammock so very soft and the dream off any cat.
All fixing parts of a CatTreeKing pole are made of the mega strong ABS to make your Cat Tree very sturdy!
The plush of a CatTreeKing Cat Tree is glued to the panel over all the surface so that it cannot be pulled loose when your cat pulls it. Most durable method for long use. All of the panels of CatTreeKing Cat Trees are provided with plush at the bottom and at the top so you never see a piece of unfinished wood. This plush is of the highest quality and super sturdy.
All cat tree parts will also be re ordered. This is unique available in the market! Top quality from top brand RHRQuality (Dutch design). The Quality brand that makes the difference in Large Cat trees.

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