BALANCED AND COMPLETE NUTRIENTS for puppies that is balanced to help maintain a healthy body condition. Combined with highly digestible L.I.P. proteins and prebiotics to supports balanced gut flora, improved stool quality and reduce odour.
ADAPTED CALORIE CONTENT. Encourages quick, intensive growth for small breed puppies. It is also adapted to reduce the risk of unwanted quick weight gain. Up to 10 months, your puppy’s muscles and bones are growing, requiring 1.6 times the usual energy need of its adult counterpart.
STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM contains a patented complex of antioxidants with essential vitamin E. This helps to keep immune system strong and natural bodily defenses working. These essentials keep your pet healthy.
WET DOG FOOD has a higher moisture content, which can help your pet stay hydrated and avoid urinary-tract problems. Wet food has just as much protein as dry, but it has fewer carbs. That can be a big help for overweight dogs, or dogs with food sensitivities.
SAVORY DRY CHEWABLE KIBBLE. The special kibble size, shape and structure is ideal for small breed jaws and makes it easier to chew. Highest acceptance: specially selected nutrients and natural scents and aromas.



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