DUCKY DELIGHTS: With a high-quality mix of varied ingredients and textures, this seed and pellet blend has been made especially for swans, ducks and geese. Factoring in their affinity for grains and green vegetables, we’ve created this bag so no matter how picky your pond pals may be, something will take their fancy! Enjoy grabbing a breath of fresh air with the kids and making memories together. Fancy feeding the ducks, anyone?
NO FILLERS OR POWDERS: For our winged wildlife, having bread as their staple treat messes with their digestion and can put them off non-processed natural food, so we thought it was about time they had something delicious to eat. There are no nasties hidden to bulk up our mix, so when you catch one of these water-loving creatures quacking with happiness, you’ll know they’re enjoying the best variety seed and pellet mix from SeedzBox, ingredients you can 100% see.
YUMMY HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: This mix contains Wheat which is a big plus for all full of carbohydrates and fibre for our waterfowl. It also has Kibbled Maize which is high in iron. The nutrient rich pellets contain Sunflower, Soya Bean and Rapeseed, altogether great for protein and a solid source of fats and Vitamin E. These all function well as part of a balanced and varied diet for ducks and swans.
BE AN ECO-HERO: 5% of the money from each SeedzBox sold is donated to the One Tree Planted Foundation, an eco-conscious non-profit which plants trees all over the world. Helping the planet has never been so easy… or so jam-packed with wildlife goodness.
1KG BAG: Plenty of wholesomeness all in one bag, so even if the ducks tell you to quack off you have 1kg of our seed and pellet blend to take the fancy of someone else on the water! We recommend throwing the mix to them into the water to discourage the pondlife from coming up onto the embankment.




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