【Effective】 This hair removal brush is a great helper, if you have a pet. It can remove hair effectively.
【Easy to carry】 This hair removal brush comes in very handy when you need to travel. This brush has a stylish look and is very suitable for storing in a bag or a car.
【Self-cleaning】 Our hair removal brush can be self-cleaning. Just flip it left and right to quickly remove the hair on the brush so the clothes can be removed quickly.
【Wide Application】 The improved hair removal brush is not only suitable for animal fur, lint, but also for Bed, Sofa, Carpet, Clothing. An effective brush that will keep your clothes clean and tidy.
【Reusable】 The pet hair removal brush can be reused, is very economical and environmentally friendly. Just gently slide it onto the problem surface and the fur will go away.




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