STORMSURE Horse rug repair kit. Ideal for repairing leaks and rips on many horse rugs.
Kit includes 2 x Self Adhesive PU Patches, 3 black Nylon fabric patches, 15g Stormsure flexible repair adhesive, 5g Stormsure flexible repair adhesive, adhesive spreader & gloves.
Small holes can be covered with the special self adhesive patches and larger holes or rips can easily be fixed with Stormsure flexible repair adhesive together with a patch fabric.
Perfect for re-attaching straps where the stitching has come loose or pulled off. This kit is ideal for repairing leather tack, bridle and reins, rubber boots, water proof clothing and even the rubber mats in the stable!
Use the adhesive where it is not practical to stick a patch or where a patch cannot easily be made airtight. Also suitable for use on foul weather clothing, boots, waders, kites, watersport toys, soft luggage, PVC pools, and liners, inflatables, canopies, tents, sails and dry bags and much more. Barcode/Manufacturers product code: 5060219660599/ RKHR




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