✔ USE ALONE OR IN A FEEDER — The flat sturdy bottom of the SunGrow’s plastic food and water dishes make them stay in place when you set them on the floor of your reptile tank. They also fit nicely into many small food and water stands and feeder ledges. Before purchasing as replacement cups, double check the size of the holes will fit a feeding bowl with a diameter of 1.6” and height of 0.6”.
✔ WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF FOOD — The 100 pack of 0.5 oz disposable portion cups are great for all different types of food and liquids. From cockroach larva and mealworm to water and crickets, the specialized reptile bowls provide delicious supplements to your gecko, lizard, chameleon or other small pet.
✔ 100 PIECE PACK IN RESEALABLE BAG — Conveniently packaged in a resealable zip lock plastic bag, the 100 pack of reptile food and water cups are designed to last for several feedings. Take out as many containers as you need, then seal the bag up and store it away until next time.
✔ PET-SAFE FOOD GRADE MATERIALS — Durable and practical, the SunGrow Gecko Food and Water Cups are made using high quality, food grade PVC plastic that is safe for pets, humans and the environment. The clear disposable containers can be used repeatedly and then recycled.
✔ REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN — If you are simply using the reusable portion cups as water dishes, they can be refilled regularly for months. For food servings, the plastic dishes can be washed with soap, rinsed with water and reused. After a month or so, toss the disposable container into the recycling bin and replace it with another one.




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