Tetra Crystal Water is an efficient remedy to lend a hand clear a cloudy Aquarium.

Dirt and debris particles in Aquarium water can provide a cloudy look to the water.

Tetra Crystal Water remedy safely eliminates the dirt particles and makes the water crystal clear for the health benefits of your fish and plants.

The remedy effectively binds the small particles into larger clumps that may be filtered by an aquarium filter.

It is harmless for all aquarium fish and plants, works fast and clears the water in a matter of hours.


100ml Bottle

Application: When opacities add 5 ml per 10 l of aquarium water. 2.5 ml per 10 l if the KH value is ? 3° dH. Wait a minimum of 48 hours before applying a second dose. 24 hours must elapse between using Tetra CrystalWater and a water conditioner, e.g. Tetra AquaSafe.

Is helping to clear cloudy and dirty aquarium water
Binds together particles to be picked up by a filter
Works quickly
Harmless to Fish and Plants
100ml Bottle

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