Size Name:Medium Beds – 76cm Diameter | Colour Name:Silver Grey Plush


Our mission: to produce beds that pass our Quality of Life Test: beds that contribute positively to your dog’s health, happiness & overall wellbeing.

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep – designed to help dogs to sleep more soundly.

Sleep is key for your dog’s health

Sleep deprivation can cause:

+ whining & crying at night

+ disorientation all through the day & impaired ability to perform routine tasks

+ a build-up of stress hormones

+ aggression & behavioural issues

+ a compromised immune system, increasing infection risks

A good bed like The Dog’s Bed – Sound Sleep is vital for a healthy happy dog. We’ve put numerous effort into Research & Development to help you to do the best you’ll for your dog.

A design that appeals to your dog’s nesting instinct

If your dog paws at their bed or curls up when they sleep, they’ll love The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep which has bolsters & will make them feel less vulnerable. Curling up retains heat & is a tactic your dog’s wild ancestors used to shield their organs from predators. A bed with sides helps to satisfy this aspect of your dog’s nesting instinct & makes them feel protected.

Quality is the keystone of our brand

To meet our quality standards & yours, we use premium materials to produce our beds. Quality has been verified by two international third party companies specialising in inspection, testing, verification & certification.

We conducted in-use tests with dogs who have a tendency to pace at night or dig at their bed to design a bed to toughen dogs’ quality of life by helping them to feel protected & comfortable at night & help them to sleep better.

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep has been designed to last

We maintain rigorous quality controls to ensure that a product of the highest quality is delivered to you in perfect condition.

Medium Silver Grey plush 76cm diameter round deluxe plush dog bed. Premium 4cm vegan fur contours into a deep & luxurious comforter for your cherished best friend as well as a charming room accessory, injecting style into your living room or bedroom interior
Ideal puppy receiver bed – welcome your puppy home with luxurious vegan fur which replicates the warmth of mum’s fur & of being in a puppy pile, easing the transition to a new home. Unsurpassed comfort as a result of unique dual-layer base mattress cushion design – the top layer forms around your dog’s body, whilst the solid base pad supports your dog’s weight. Generously filled bolsters surround your dog making them feel protected whilst providing a comfortable headrest
Satisfies the nesting instinct of dogs who tend to curl up when they sleep – high sides & long vegan fur pile hugs your dog’s body, reducing feelings of vulnerability & anxiety by inducing a sense of security & serenity. Improved sleep – soft texture, self-warming materials & superior body Improve reduces night pacing associated with anxiety, discomfort & cold
Bed can be used for years – it comes with stylish, removable covers that are easy to wash & are quick-drying. Replacement covers can be purchased one by one for a fraction of the price of replacing the whole bed
Produced by global experts in sleep-solutions for dogs & who have been featured in publications such as The Sun, the largest newspaper in the UK, & in Buzzfeed in the US for excellence. Covered by a 1-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Customer Improve available for the life of your dog’s bed

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