Size Name:48″ x 30″ (1.20m x 0.75m) | Colour Name:Grey

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The Original VETFLEECE, now to be had direct to the public. VetFleece PRO Bedding – “The Original Vetfleece” is the ultimate in pet bedding. This medical grade bedding is used by those involved in the care and welfare of a wide variety and breeds of animal. Vet Fleece is used in the kennels and cages as bedding for ill, recuperating and whelping bitches. The double woven open weave backing allows bodily fluids to pass through the mat, into a receptacle or absorbent pad. The luxurious 25-28mm high pile offers comfort, warmth, and protection which is why it is used by kennels / catteries and pro breeders as standard bedding for all their animals. As it is a material and can have minor shape changes, we operate within a tolerance of +/- 3%. “Why not give your pet the ultimate bed experience.” It is manufactured in Yorkshire to the same exacting standards as required by the NHS, we have the green back added to distinguish it from our medical stock.

Box Contains

Vetfleece, Information leaflet with washing instruction.

The Original Vetfleece – this medical grade bedding is used by those involved in the care and welfare of a wide variety and Breeds of Animal. Vet Bed is used in the Kennels and Cages as Bedding for ill and Recuperating and Whelping Animals. Many Kennels / Catteries and Top Breeders use Vet Fleece / Vetbed as standard Bedding for all their Animals.
Our Greenback Vetfleece with its luxuriously deep pile (25-28mm) (1200gsm) This is the Original Vetfleece which is the ideal companion for your pet with its soft and Comfortable Fleece top that Retains Heat keeping your Pet nice and cozy.
Vetfleece Bedding is Manufactured in our own Mill in the United Kingdom. We have over 35 years of experience with this Medical Grade Fleece which is Manufactured to the same demanding standards as required used by the NHS. This Fleece retains the entire same properties of the Fleece used by the NHS but we have the backing coloured Greenback to distinguish between the two. This Fleece Will also be Autoclaved or machine washed at 130 degrees, the same standard as required by medical professionals to kill most bacteria
Many of our customers us this Vet Fleece for different animals as: Cat Bed, Dog Bed, Mice Bedding, Horses Blankets, Kitten Beds, Puppy’s Bedding – and so forth. Pro breeders use Vet Fleece in the Whelping Box on account of its ability to provide a dry and secure environment for young Puppies.
Vetfleece main properties include: 1. Liquids drain through keeping your Pet Dry and Comfortable. 2. Non Allergenic 3. Non Toxic 4. Non Irritant 5. Does not harbour Bacterial growth 6. Will also be Autoclaved machine washed at 130 degrees 7. Quick drying 8. Double woven green back 9. 25-28mm pile 10. 1200gsm 11. Easy to cut and resize to smaller pieces. 12. Not easily chewed.


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