720P HD: This pet monitor has clear resolution and high image quality day and night. It is very convenient to understand various pet behaviors anytime, anywhere.
Practical: It is made of high-quality materials and uniquely designed, with a delicate appearance and cute shape. And with high-definition resolution, you can clearly see the pet’s movements.
Applicable occasions: This pet monitor is suitable to be placed at home to understand the various trends of pets. It can also be used to observe various behaviors of babies, which is very convenient and practical.
Mobile phone connection: This product is made of high-quality materials. It can be directly connected to the mobile phone to observe the situation at home anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient and practical.
Clear picture: This pet monitor can observe the movement of the home anytime and anywhere when you are not at home. It can also conduct conversations and scare off intruders, which is very practical.




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