Safe and environmentally friendly materials: Our hamster ball uses environmentally friendly plastic materials, which are safe and odorless, sturdy and durable, and will not be easily scratched or broken by your small animals, and can be used with confidence. It is an ideal place for hamsters to kill the boring time of pets.
Porous design: The size of our hamster ball track is 12 cm ( about 4. 7 inches ), which is very suitable for small animals, hamsters, mice, please check the size before ordering. And adopts a porous design, which can increase the friction and air circulation of the ball. Pets stay indoors for a long time without heat or breathing difficulties.
Easy to install: Assemble the hamster plastic ball: 1. Align the buckle positions of the two hemispheres, buckle them to the correct position, and then rotate slightly clockwise to lock 2. Cover the top cover, pay attention to the alignment of the four snaps, and then rotate it to the right to fix it 3. Put the hamsters in the plastic ball and observe their movements on the flat floor.
Fitness toy: This ball allows hamsters to mix play and exercise together, making hamsters more enjoyable and more motivated to keep healthy.
Interesting interactive toy: The transparent design makes you clearly visible when the hamster is exercising. Fun sports toys that can keep pets agile and agile. You can put your pet in a running ball, let it play freely, and provide interactive fun


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