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We have great solution to this hairy problems!

Using BYETOO Massage Tool & Hair Removal Tool and keep your pet’s coat looking clean and healthy at the same time as reducing the hair scattered about the house!

Bring a healthier and cleaner home, All members of the family will enjoy happy time with your pet dog or cat friend. And will be better friend.

Specialized in Cleaning and Massage for Cats, Dogs, Horses and Other Breeds

Adjustable Wrist Strap (Humanized One for All Design)

Easy to Clean, Breathable, Washable and Dry Fast

Safe and Efficient Hair Remover

Five finger glove design, flexible and easy to use

Good gift for your pet dog and cat friend


Made of Soft Fabric, Breathable with Elasticity, these gloves suitable for most of the people to wear. What’s more, the gloves can be simply roll up to fit your pocket.


Fits all size hands, all members of the family can enjoy happy moments with their pet friends, Develop your children and pet friendship.


BYETOO Pet Grooming Gloves is absolutely safe for your pets. Soft rubber ensure gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin.


Both mitts are elastic & customized for your right & left hand to increase efficiency and leisure time with your pet.


Bring a healthier pet for you

❤️️【GENTLE GROOMING】 Brushing and grooming your pet should be a time where you and your pet can bond,at the same time as gently and effectively cleaning them.This deshedding mitt is perfect for doing just that! With every stroke against their coat,you’ll be giving them a comforting massage at the same time as concurrently removing dirt,dander, excess hair,and loose fur.The flexible form allows you to comfortably work on pets of all shapes and sizes,from all breeds of cats and dogs, horses,hamsters, and other pets.
❤️️【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】BYETOO grooming gloves are manufactured using Grade-A silicone rubber and high-quality,non-itchy woven nylon fabric.These gloves are easy to care for,and as durable as they are effective.The long-lasting materials allow them to be used in both wet and dry conditions,providing versatile cleaning options.Use them at the same time as giving your pet a bath,and knock out two tasks at once.When dirty,simply toss them in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
❤️️【CLEANER HOME】As much as we love our pets, the hair,dirt,and dander they shed can make it difficult to share indoor spaces with them.These deshedding gloves help keep your pet cleaner.You’ll feel good about letting them snuggle up next to your feet,or lay on the couch,because you know they won’t leave in the back of unwanted hair and debris.These gloves are ideal for both long- and short-haired animals, so no matter the breed of your fur baby,You’ll keep your home comfortable for you and them.
❤️️【INNOVATIVE DESIGN】These gloves are designed with both you and your pet in mind. The secure fit, adjustable strap, and high-quality materials allow you to comfortably groom you pet. The firm silicone nubs and grooves will lift away unwanted debris and remove mats, loose fur, and undercoat, at the same time as untangling hair. This grooming glove allows the flexibility and specific touch needed to reach hard-to-brush areas such as the legs, face, and tail, effectively cutting grooming time in half!
❤️️【HEALTHIER COAT】Maintaining your pet’s coat is important for their long-term health.By brushing your pet with this grooming glove, you’ll help stimulate and distribute the natural healthy oils in your pet’s skin.These oils significantly give a boost to the softness and radiance of their coat,at the same time as also supporting their overall health.Another benefit to brushing your pet frequently with this mitt is that you’re going to be able to check for irregularities and abnormalities that you may not otherwise notice.

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