SIZE and COLOR: The length of the wood bird perch is 20cm/7.87inches, the thickness is about 2.5cm/0.98inches. The Bird Platform: Length x Width x Thickness is 9 x 13cm x 1.6cm/ 3.54 x 5.12 x 0.63inches. Suitable for budgies, parakeets, cockatiels and other similar sized birds.The color of the platform surface is random.
MATERIALS: Vehomy Bird cage accessory toys are made of 100% natural wood, that is nontoxic and safe for your pet parrots. The bird perches are made out of natural prickly ash wood, which means every one of our perches is unique in shape and thickness. The platform is made of natural quartz sands and pure nature wood.
ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR YOUR BIRDS NAIL & BEAK: The naturally uneven surface of the pepper wood perch and the rough surface bird wood platform challenge your parrot, provide your bird’s leg and feet exercise, keeps their beaks and nails trimmed naturally, safety to chew as well.
Ideal TOY for YOUR LITTLE FRIENDS: An ideal place for your pet friends to stand, climb,paw grinding, chew and rest. Reduce coop boredom and increase activity level for your pet birds.
EASY to INSTALL: Each bird perch is fully outfitted with a metal wing nut and a built-in bolt. No extra equipment is required for installation and the perches deliver a secure hold.




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