Adjustable temperature: The Pet Heating Pad can control the temperature: 25 -55°C adjustable to keep the pet warm without overheating him, and the temperature sensor can avoid overheating to protect your pet.
Ultra-high safety factor: 240V, 40 x 30 cm waterproof Pet Heating Pad, with anti-bite rope, can be safely heated and adjustable temperature indoor heating cat and dog special mattress.
Chewy: The Dog Electric Heating Pad comes with a soft removable cover that is easy to clean by hand. The chewy wire prevents dogs from biting the wire. It also has a timer so you can count the time more easily.
Warmth and softness: The Dog Electric Heating Pad has a removable and washable soft cloth cover, which can provide continuous warmth for newborns, puppies, kittens, elderly pets, advanced pets, arthritis pets, and pregnant pets.
Wide range of uses: Dog Electric Heating Pad can be used at home, garage, porch, kennel or dog cage. It is very suitable for old pets and newborn puppies suffering from pain and suffering. Help pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) stay warm and comfortable during the winter.






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