【2 Ball Rolling Design – No Water Leakage】: Design of 2 steel balls, pet gently lick water out of the bottle. It can effectively prevent water leakage from pets biting the drinking fountains head or rubber plug .
【Suspension Clamp Design – Suitable for Cage】: The plastic buckle of this cage water bottle is super strong and not easy to drop, and can be fixed at will. It can be locked in a wire cage for small animals to drink.
【Rope Hanging Design – More Convenient】: You can use a rope to hang it for easy use. There is a hole on the top of the bottle. It is more convenient and fun for pets to drink water. The anti-flatulence suction nozzle design is more practical.
【Durable Material – Detachable】: The bottle body is made of plastic and the tube is stainless steel. The capacity of 125ml/80ml can effectively provide enough water for your pets when you travel or absence from home.Easy to disassemble and clean, fulfill water will more convenient.
【Applicable for Small Pets -3 Different Capacity】: Small animal such as Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Squirrel, Hamster.


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