Convenient and fast: It can effectively clean all kinds of pet hair such as sofas, sofas, beds, carpets, blankets, quilts, etc. Convenient and simple. There is no need for tape or tape, it is durable and reusable.
Portable and time-saving: The fluff brush can be stored in the suitcase, in the car, or in your bag. This convenient pet fur remover is convenient for you to use while traveling.
1.Made with high quality material to ensure that your brush handle doesn’t break. To clean the brush, just insert it into the holder and take it back out.
2.Both sides can be used, which gives you the best advantage against tight spaces where it will remove fur with both sides of the brush. Size is 12.7inch×2.95inch×1.96inch.
3.The compact size of pet hair remover for furniture has all the same features of the standard-sized fur remover. This travel-size hair remover brush is perfect to keep in your bag or car.






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