*Easy to clean: just dipped the fur-filled brush into the base and remove it to clean it again. Better than easy to clean cleaning tools
* Easy to carry: The pet hair removal brush is ideal for storage in bags or cars.
* Reusable: No sticky tape or adhesive tape is required. This roller can be used again and again. Make it very economical and environmentally friendly.
* Effective removal: Pet hair removal brush can make your clothes and furniture hairless, no fur, no plush. The soft, easy-to-grip handle provides a comfortable and relaxing experience with pet hair and fur. No battery, no waste, no power plug! This is the most convenient and chaotic way to remove pet hair.
* Works like glamour: If you have cats, dogs or any furry animals, that’s what you’ve been looking for! It helps to remove the fur from the clothes and is like a charm every time. There is no longer any fur or dust on furniture or clothing.




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